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Our mission is to provide rapid response global contingency workforce solutions.


We at Standard Technology, Inc. live out the corporate motto Ne Plus Ultra (the highest point of excellence and achievement). Because of the powerful values that guide us in all we do, we maintain the highest standards in the contingent workforce and training industry. These values drive all of our work.


We are honest in all of our communications, honor our commitments, are timely and accurate in our work, and respect the corporate plans, policies, and structure.


Our primary focus is to meet and exceed customers’ expectations. Because we work to “Wow!”our clients with every assignment in which we are privileged to serve, we aim to be the first choice in contingent workforce and training needs.


Because communication is essential for individual and corporate success, Standard Technology associates develop and maintain excellent verbal and written skills and proper etiquette in appearance and interactions. We expect all associates to openly and responsibly express ideas and viewpoints that help Standard Technology grow. We celebrate communication focused on improving and connecting rather than complaining and blaming.


Each associate of Standard Technology is a leader. Leadership begins with leading oneself, being proactive to develop and advance his/her problem-solving skills on a continuous basis. We take initiative to provide solutions and seek new assignments. We believe in the adage “first inward before outward” when evaluating and improving results and promote self-evaluation and self-correction.


Standard Technology associates are forward thinking, innovative, rapid response solution providers. They work with a sense of urgency and make great use of their time. They are excellent at follow up and follow through. They are tech-savvy and use the latest tools to help them communicate and solve problems.


Our most important asset and competitive advantage is our amazing people. We believe in synergy- that teams working together will always produce better results than isolated individuals. We create great teams because we value diversity, responsibly manage conflicts, and hold ourselves and each member on the team accountable to produce superior results in the time allotted.


Standard Technology's existence as part of the local community is a "privilege" not a "right." We are committed to the stimulation of job growth and economic development in the community through fiscal contributions and service. We promote the spirit of volunteerism and encourage our employees to take active roles in the community.

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